5.BPS Schemes

A Utility Driven

The World Wide Web or the Internet provides the most cost-effective method of reaching the people. The web can not only help in the speedy dissemination of information but can also help the citizens get access to various services which hitherto required their physical presence. In order to realize this objective, the Corporation Web Site was launched under this project. The evolution, development and maintenance of the web site is being done on a public private partnership platform so as to infuse more energy, better ideas and see that it remains vibrant ever. Every citizen has a right to know about the functioning of the government machinery as it is directly related to him or her. However, as the activities of the enterprise increase so do the formats, rules, bylaws, procedures and orders that govern them. The Web Site also gives online information related to the information as to how the property tax is arrived at, related procedures and government rules, building rules, regulations etc.
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