5.BPS Schemes

Online Payment of Municipal Dues

All governments depend on the taxes and charges they raise from the citizens. The financial management of governments hinges on a sound, transparent, efficient and foolproof tax collection system. To add to this list and last but surely not the least is the ease and flexibility with which the citizen is able to pay their dues. Before the project was put into place, the citizens were required to go to the ward office, get in touch with the tax collector for calculating and preparing the payment challans. As the entire operation was done manually, searching through the records and carrying out the required calculations would invariably take time and in the event, the tax collector was not present, the citizens had to waste their precious time and energy. The citizens also did not have any idea about the Calculations Corporation has made while determining their dues. This led to resentment and made them visit various Municipal Corporation offices for such calculations. The system also led to huge extent of paper work at all levels entailing huge costs and time delays. The reconciliation of the amount collected in the banks and remitted to the Municipal account done manually before was also a time consuming job.

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