5.BPS Schemes

SAUKARYAM—Civic Centers

SAUKARYAM’ (meaning facility) was launched in the then Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation for delivering a host of civic services online


The Following Services have been covered:

Revenue Collection: Through this it has been possible to enable the citizens to make online payments of their Dues for Property Tax, Vacant Land Tax, Bulk/ Semi-Bulk Water Charges, Building Plan Sanction, Trade Licenses, Advertisement Tax, Lease Rentals of Commercial Complexes

Public Health: Facilitation of Registration of Births and Deaths, Registration of Trade Licenses, Sanitation and Garbage Disposal

City Planning: Building Plan Approvals, Building Penalization Schemes, Comprehensive GIS based Survey of Greater Visakhapatnam Landscape including Residential and Commercial properties and Parks and integration with the Building Plan Sanction and Property Tax Collection Modules, Roads and Water Supply linesBuilding Plan Sanctions of up to 300SqM of built up area are being given online since 2004. Also, Renewal of Licenses of Surveyors is being processed online.

Water Supply: Applications for Bulk/ Semi Bulk Water Supply connections, Spot Billing of metered water charges.

Establishment: Computerization of the Employee Pay rolls and other day to day activities like movement of office files and documents.

Budget Monitoring: Through the entire life cycle from sanction orders to the disbursement of funds for various projects undertaken by GVMC including the incorporation of the Taxation Structure. The entire system has been migrated to the double entry system of accounting.

Citizen Grievances: Redressal of Citizen Grievances thru online filing of citizen complaints and action taken Reports available online on a time bound basis with the ability to escalate to the higher authorities. Call Center functioning 24x7 and 365 days a year to attend to Citizen Service Requests with manual operations from 6AM to 8PM in the evening and IVRS after 8PM in the evening.

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